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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Kabul at last

Last look at Dubai Terminal 2.

Kate and Bpeace Associate Rahima: familiar faces in the strangest of places.

I apologize now for a rushing post with only the barest facts. But first a fun message from ANSO Operations:

Dear All,

Please be advised that Kabul International Airport has permitted certain airlines to leave and depart Kabul International Airport. According to airport officials, airplanes cannot fly under 31,000 feet due to communications equipment failure, therefore airplanes must ‘spiral’ into and out of Kabul International Airport rather than gradually decent.


SO 4 days late Pam, Kate and Steve arrived in Kabul . . .Dubai airport madness. Crush of people, bags and flying rumors among NGOs frantic for news. The most wonderful airport moment was Kate,Steve and Rahima finding each other at the boarding gate. What a wonderful surprise it was! She was returning from Jakharta with 11 other Afghan government provincial council members and spent 2 days stranded in Terminal 2 along with all the other Afghans without Dubai entry visas. Some were stranded as long as 4. Perspective moment for the rest of us. But we all got in the air for that crazy flight to Kabul . . .

Other notes as I dash this off before beginning our day here:
Pam arrived earlier and was able to spend the afternoon with some of the associates on RKA store preparations. More later when she has a chance to write some of her first impressions

Laila hosted a press conference announcing the Apprentice Road Trip at the Serena. Toni to add a post to fill us all in. Apparently big success

That's it for now. Substance to follow

Hallelujah, you made it and are in one piece!! So glad to hear you arrived, spiraling or otherwise, and are now on the ground in Kabul. Big hugs to you all and to our Kabul friends.


"besyaar khob!" Glad you are finally there. Please tell all the women I said hi and I think about them most of the time. When I am not thinking about them, I am talking about them! Congratulation for Rangin Kaman.
Such a huge relief to hear you all made it there safely, "spiralling" not withstanding! I know you have so much work to get done, and you will! Looking forward to Pam's first post as well!
Finally!! Thank Gawd!!

Wendy S.
So what exactly do they mean by "spiraling"?

Best wishes to all of our mission travelers and to our friends in Afghanistan.

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