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Sunday, December 10, 2006


You can all let a collective AWHHHH and we will hear it.

Still working.

It's 10:30pm in Kabul and we are all still at laptops working. Lights keep going off so flashlights are in use. Steve studying RKA spreadsheets, Pam writing to do lists and fixture plans, Kate juggling the agenda and logistics while studying for tomorrow session with AWBF while Athena rewrites the session's timeline. Most of us have a few more hours of work and a 5am wake-up call. So no blog tonite. Later all . . .Oh wait . . .Athena has sent me an email:

This morning there were snow flurries in Kabul. Kate and I spent today doing one-on-one interviews with AWBF board members in preparation for leadership training beginning tomorrow. Two of them cried (Note from Kate: only Athena made them cry) talking about their desire to help other Afghan women who are less fortunate than them. One told Athena about how when the Taliban were here she continued to train girls volley ball teams and once she was interviewed in her burqa, holding a volley ball underneath it. Can you imagine? She loves sports and is passionate about teaching girls to be athletes. That's so amazing to me in this environment. She said she was beaten three times during the Taliban regime...but hastened to say that so many other women had it much worse. No matter how many times we hear these stories, they are always horrifying. These women are determined to claim their place in society and make a difference for all the women of Afghanistan.

Ok, that will need to leave you all satisfied until tomorrow . . .

A big well deserved AWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...lots of hugs.
You guys are amazing and are an inspiration to us all. What are you running on, that strong coffee? Two books about Afganistan are on the top 10 list in the Times (just to keep you posted). You are where its at. We are all supporting you here and have an idea about the difficulties working there. Loretta
Hi Athena and all,
it is wonderful to be able to follow along, even without being there, and get a sense of all you are doing and working so fiecely to accomplish. i love nad appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness you didn't BOTH make them cry ;) What a beautiful note, Athena. Agreed with the previous note, what on earth is keeping you all going? I think it's just the fact that you are all so amazing. Keep up the great work. We're all here looking forward to your return and sitting in complete awe!!

Hi Athena,
So proud of you and all the others who are with you who are doing such important work. Thanks for sharing on the blog as well as sending the photos - It truly helps be part of the experience.
All the best, stay safe, Deborah
Hi Athena and all,

Thank you so much for sharing these moving stories and photos. You are truly doing amazing work and you are an inspiration to the world. Much love and many, many blessings to you and all of the people you are helping. Cindy
Hi Steve and All,

The work you are all doing is so amazing. It was great to serve as as an unofficial local reporter for Bpeace at the CMO party and let the CMO family know about all of the work you are doing. You are all truly inspirational. Stay well and warm. You are missd.

Kate and Steve,

Just got a chance to see this blog for the first time...

Thank you so much for doing them.

We're all in awe of what you guys are doing... Keep it up!

scott and eva
You are living proof of the old saying -- If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. You are doing it to the extreme - several days removed from an already tight schedule; rescheduling everything with many people, places, transportation,etc. involved; cramming all the must-dos into a shorter period; maintaining your health, emotions and stamina (I'll bet you have put this at the end of your must-dos); keeping that positive, happy attitude: etc; etc; etc. You are doing it all and more - great. I hope your return trip is less eventful. That reminds me, Kate, forget that previous trip to Kabul when we were delayed geting to Kabul - the return was delayed and you, Jim Toni and I slept in the Dubai airport (lightning never strikes twice). Steve, you can smile - the Giants won yesterday (Manning had three touchdown passes). Are thoughts and prayers are with you. Best, Ray M
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