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Monday, November 20, 2006


Grand Openings and New Beginnings!

As I write this entry, the December mission team is hard at work writing lists and packing supplies for the opening of our associate's new co-operative store. It's named Rangeen Kaman Artisans or Rainbow Artisans and it's the first store of its kind in Kabul. The image to your right is Pam's beginning vision for what it will look like! She is working with RKA's team on making this dream come to life. The first of the team arrives on December 2nd and we are prepared for two weeks of store build out, store process development, merchandising and displays. Of course that is not all on the agenda which grows daily. We are conducting a return engagement with AWBF's trainers and delivering the next round of material for their training centers. We will be visiting Kamela, Nargis, Habiba and Hanifa Askar Ali, continuing work on their respective consulting, fitness, day care and computer/language training businesses. News flash: Nargis will be offering yoga classes at her gym and we are helping her learn how to do it! Kate and Athena will be doing some consulting work for AWBF's board of directors. Athena will be working with the Artemis students to follow-up on their Phoenix experience while Steve researches new businesses for the next mission team. . .and of course THAT IS NOT ALL. . .
Stay tuned

You now must be in transit, perhaps in Europe somewhere changing plans or already in Dubai.

I gather Athena is joining the group later.

Good luck and safe journey!!

Big hugs,

Dear Friends,
I cannot wait to read your daily accounts of life on the ground in Afghanistan. Your courage, determination, generosity is nothing short of inspiring. I think of you all the time and wish you a wonderful two-week journey. Pam, if the thread count is above 300, I'll try to make the next trip. Sending you love, Ellen Lubin-Sherman
Hi Steve & Company,
It's amazing during and after all the delays their are still smiles on all your faces.. goes to show how much commitment and desire there is in all of you to help others.

Good luck & much success.

wow. after an incredible delay and a mountain of work ahead you still maintained a sense of humor and an appetite! (sushi dubai). i hope the naan was worth it. much luck to all of you in the days that remain. you guys are truly amazing...try and get some sleep.

light and love,
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