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Monday, December 04, 2006


And when you thought it couldn't get worse . . .it did

Airport Advisory

Mon, Dec 4, 2006 at 3:52 PM

Dear All,

Please be advised that Kabul International Airport is temporarily closed to all commercial air traffic. Airport officials have stated that the problem is related to satellite communications equipment (VSAT) which will not allow commercial airlines to use Afghan airspace. Kabul International Airport technicians are currently engaged in rectifying the problem however there is no indication as to when Kabul Airport operations will resume as normal. NGO staff scheduled to fly should expect delays and possible backlog with respect to bookings. Please be reminded that Haji travelers have also been delayed. Will update as soon as there is more information.

Sorry to hear that you are still stuck. Keep us posted. I hope you have a good book!

Hey Steve,

Good Grief!!!!
Sorry to hear about the delay. It was good to read about you utilizing your customer service skills in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, I have to deliver the sad news of the Giants losing to the Cowboys 23-20 on a 44 yard last second field goal by Martin (Mar-teen) Gramatica who they dusted off after cutting Vanderjagt. It was a good game overall, the Giants were plagued with numerous penalties and missed opportunities but did make a great drive with 2:00 min in the game to tie the score at 20 on a great pass by Eli to Plaxico in coverage. Eli had a great game overall, so did Tiki, Shockey and Plaxico but in the end, Romo made them pay with a drive of his own which set up the aforementioned field goal to win it. 2 games out with 4 to play, it looks like they'll have to hope for the wild card but I'll keep my hopes up. Take care!!!
Good golly and holy smokes!! As if it wasn't challenging enough - now your just stuck. I can imagine your frustration but also know you all are the fabulous folks that make the best of any situation. Find the humor - be safe and may the pumpkin be with you.
much love, Dana
Hi guys,
Can't find any words that would comfort you as you are going through this horrendous experience. All I can think of, at this moment, is that I wish I were with you so, at least, I could translate or provide you some cultural knowledge with my Middle Eastern background. I admire your tenacity and determination. I have thought about you all day today and sent you all the good energy I had stored for a hard situation as you are going through right now!
Love you all,
Hi all,

I'm in the Amsterdam airport now...and will soon be on my way to Dubai. I hope you have succeeded in leaving for Kabul today...I don't see any email or a new posting so maybe you are on your way! I will see you soon in Kabul -- inshallah! And we will get to work!


Hope you got out safely. Intriguing play by play of both your journey thus far, and of the Giants' loss. Look forward to incredible stories in the days to come. And Athena, your email was just terrific. Thank you all for being so inspiring!
So happy to hear that you're finally there! I was worried about what Kate would do to the customer service people at Dubai Airport if she had been put off for another day. Now get out there and train your hearts out!
Laila tells us you have arrived in Kabul. I can only imagine what a horrible scene it was in Dubai's Terminal 2.

Thank you Kate, Pam and Steve for your bravery in following this mission through. You earn the merit badge for the most difficult mission to date.

Now that you're there, I hope the joy of working with our Associates quickly makes the last few tense days a distant memory.

With much admiration,
Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear of all the obstacles you are currently encountering. I'm sure that once everything is straightened out at the airports, your efforts will be well rewarded. I'm sure that the Giants losing yesterday didn't help matters either.
We are keeping you and everyone with you in our prayers.
Have fun and Good luck...

Yeah!!! You've made it!! Still shocked/dumbfounded by the comment about what was causing the bad smell in the Dubai terminal!

Thank goodness that horrible chapter is over and you're on to the next part of your trip.

We're all here at home in complete awe of you.

With love and admiration,
Hey Steve & Kate,

Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. No earth shattering news to report just yet. Take care and travel safely...
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