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Monday, December 04, 2006


Current Conditions

Rel. Humidity: 88%Wind: ENE at 1 mph (2 km/h)Barometric Pressure: 26.1"Hg (F)

Monday37°F (3°C) 21°F (-6°C) ICY
Tuesday36°F (2°C) 28°F (-2°C) SNOW
Wednesday39°F (4°C) 16°F (-9°C) SNOW
Thursday43°F (6°C) 19°F (-7°C) PCLOUDY
Friday43°F (6°C) 23°F (-5°C) PCLOUDY

p.s. It's Monday morning and we are snowed out for DAY Three.

Gosh, how tedious for you all. I cant believe that you are delayed like this JUST so that Athena can catch up with you and sweep into Kabul all together. There must be a deeper more important reason than that. I am happy to report that I have just left Athena's house where she has almost finished her packing and squeezing things into small plastic bottles....I think it is wonderful that you are all going to be doing this terrific work together again - makes me proud to almost know you :)
If its any consolation it is brass monkey weather here on my houseboat on the Bay (not quite -4)...or maybe California has thinned my blood...take big care of yourselves - sending oodles of support and good ju-ju your way...

If I know my sister, Pam is ready to get into Kabul and starting her project- but please keep her off the tunnels - she will be the first out on the snowboards. Hope the weather lifts soon and you all can get there.
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