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Sunday, December 03, 2006


"Do you know Paula Lerner?"

Quick blog to tell you all two things.

Bpeacer and photojournalist Paula Lerner knows alot of people, including our now mutual friend Beth Wald


that Steve and I are once again snowed out of Kabul (where the snow continues to fall) while Pam awaits her official and likely inevitable cancellation word.

Steve and I met Beth during this morning's crush at the purgatory known as Terminal 2 (someone MUST be sorting us out for the next journey onward) and expect to have dinner with her along with other stranded passengers . . .

Our pleasant demeanor is fading as the work sits there and we sit here in dazzling sunshine.

More later . . .

The world gets smaller all the time. The first time I was in Kabul in Feb 05 and worked with Najib as our group guide/interpreter/fixer, at one point I asked if he'd worked with any other photographers. He mentioned a few names, one of which was a woman named Beth. "Beth Wald??" I asked incredulously, and described what she looked like. "Yes, it is the same one," Najib responded. Beth is an old friend of mine that I know for many years because we are both in the same photographer's agency together (Aurora Photos). I couldn't believe there I was sitting in Kabul, half way around the planet from home, discussing my old friend Beth with our new friend Najib. "What an absurdly small world...!" I thought to myself. I checked in with her when I got home and we compared notes on working in Afghanistan.

I love the fact that the same thing happened with Kate and Beth in the Dubai airport. Beth is a wonderful person and a great photographer. Enjoy dinner with her and send her big hugs from me.


Kate and Steve, I know you are both chomping at the bit to get to Kabul. And if Kate had her pilot's license, I know she would commander a plane herself.

At least it sounds like they released you from the airport earlier. And the good thing about them having your luggage is that they have to put you on the plane first.

With love and admiration,
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