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Sunday, December 03, 2006


We are tired of looking at Dubai and at each other

Here we are at dinner with all our newfound airport buddies. From left, Steve, John, Samuel, Amy, Pam, Kate, Simon, and Beth.

Cloudy dramatic sunset in Dubai followed by dinner with new friends . . . fellow stranded passengers. Try again tomorrow . . .still snowing in Kabul.

Hi Pam,
It's good to see your photo and read what you are doing. I've had you on my mind constantly! I hope you can get on your way soon and do your good work.
Dear Kate, Steve, & Pam,

Can only imagine how frustrated you must be. Try to look on the bright side...at least you're stranded in one of the most fabulous cities on earth.

I'm sure you're reorganizing the schedule right now to get everything done once you do get on the ground.
We are all thinking of you and sending you positive energy.

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