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Friday, December 01, 2006


Where did Thursday go?

Kate, Pam and Steve in Dubai sushi heaven.

One leg down in Dubai. 18 to 24 hours of flight time followed by the typical work day in Dubai for arriving Bpeacers. Pool side with training materials and agendas at the ready. Study time for business people away from their day jobs. Bpeace missions are indeed a school for curious grown-ups . . .of the adventurous type.

Kate and Steve (who repeatedly called for the wait staff to deliver food to their pool side seats) are again struck by the staggering gulf between the glittering world we sit in today and the rebuilding one we will land in tomorrow. We tortured poor Pam with anticipatory tales . . .

But tonight, one last luxurious dinner at the hotel's chic Japanese restaurant. For 105 dirham (about $28) all the sushi you can eat (picture to come when Kate stops cursing at computer). Won't be getting THAT in Kabul where the only fish is one that comes from Afghanistan's drought challenged rivers. Kate and Steve head to Kabul tomorrow on the 7am Kam Air flight. Have to be at Terminal 2 by 5am. Pam has full day of Bpeace activities planned in Dubai and will meet us in Afghanistan on Sunday . . .snow is in the forecast . . .wishing for that ski resort to open . . .

Thinking of you and the laughs you're having.

Perhaps there's a new business--teaching Afghans to make vegetarian sushi. They've got the rice. They've got the veggies. They've got the labor. Just need the seaweed wrap and the soy sauce.

Have an easy flight into Kabul.

Here are some outstanding Americans: doing rather than talking. I can assure you the "doing" is nothing to take in stride. Kabul is about as dangerous as it gets. I've lost 2 friends there this year.
You folks remain safe, let me know what I can do to help, if anything, here in Afghanistan.
Folks back home continue to support your friends showing this part of the world what America is really about.
Stay safe
I just rolled out of bed and checked the blog, which will become my habit now for as long as you all are in country. So if I've got the time line right, it must be the end of the day for you guys and Kate and Steve (just the two of you, yes?) must be in Kabul.

Glittering Dubai is left behind, but the warmth of our good friends in Kabul must now surround you. Please send everyone my warm greetings! Give everyone a big hug for me ! (Gender appropriate of course -- Kate, you handle Laila and the associates, and Steve can slap the back of Najib, Khanaga, and whoever is driving for you all this trip...). It was exactly a year ago that I was with you both and a few others on what was for Kate and myself our second Kabul mission.

Instead of joining you, I am busy helping my daughter prep for her big day next week (younger daughter bat mitzvah), and doing important things like making reservations for out of town guests and putting a hundred names on little table place cards... Hey I'm not complaining, life is full and good. But you can bet I'll be thinking of you every morning when I roll out of bed, and wonder how your day has been!

Keep up the good work!!

xoxoxo to all,

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